GLOBSTAR Projects spring both from company internal ideas as well as from Open Innovation ideas collected through our Idea Factory. For each Project, GLOBSTAR invites selected experts to provide a quote for the development of the Project solution as required by the Project brief.

Each of the GLOBSTAR Projects has a budget, in whose range the selected experts are invited to submit a quote.


How it works

Each invited expert has full access to the Project brief, specification and requirements and can, if interested, submit one or more quote with a high-level description of the solution s/he intends to provide and a quote in terms of requested fee and time to deliver.

Quotes are accepted within the date specified in the Project brief

Once the quote submission is closed, GLOBSTAR evaluates the received proposals and, should we find one that meets the requirements, assign the Project development to the proponent.

All quotes are visible only to GLOBSTAR and the proponent.