Are you a company with an innovation idea that might interest us?

Submit your proposal and work with us to make clean and sustainable energy!


What we are looking for

We are looking for startups, SMEs, corporations and non-profit companies, specialised in data science and applied mathematics, in order to create technical partnerships to make innovation in the energy sector, to develop new services and optimize our processes, thus providing added value for our clients and stakeholders.

We are especially focusing on two aspects of innovation: clean energy and sustainability.



In the idea description we expect to get information about:

  • The value proposition
  • The impact and economical benefits of your idea
  • The development stage at which the idea currently is (e.g. Idea, Proof of Concept, Prototype, Finished Product)


How it works

Any idea or project you will submit here will be visible to GLOBSTAR only. The proposal submission and any subsequent interaction between you and GLOBSTAR will be private.

A GLOBSTAR committee will evaluate your proposal from the technical and business perspectives. During the evaluation process the committee might ask you for further information.


Next steps

At the end of the evaluation phase we will give you our feedback in any case.

Should your proposal be of interest for us, a GLOBSTAR representative will get in contact with you to discuss further steps.

Proposals not containing all the required documentation will not be taken into consideration.


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