GLOBSTAR believes in Innovation. It’s what drives our organisation forward.


In a digital world we connect together to find global solutions for transformation. Through the Innovation Hub we will drive change and collaborate with you to develop new opportunities and deliver innovative solutions to make a better world.


How we work is changing. We know that there are brilliant minds out there that can help Globstar innovate and evolve by providing technical solutions. With the Innovation Hub we give you the opportunity to tell us how we can develop our organisation through data driven innovation. We want to build  partnerships with companies specialised in data driven solutions, who can help GLOBSTAR build value for customers and stakeholders.


Register here & let’s innovate this world together.


The CO // LAB is where we begin the process of collaboration and creating innovation together. We want you to share your idea’s and engage with us through the Innovation Hub so that we can develop technical and data driven solutions for GLOBSTAR.


If you have are a startup or organisation operating in our industry or if you have a technical idea that can help us innovate enter the CO // LAB and send us your submission. We will review and consider ways to collaborate.


At GLOBSTAR we recognise the power of idea sharing. In the idea factory we discuss open and trending topics that we would like your input and opinion on. Together with the Mathesia community you can help us build and develop future and interesting projects. We reward participants that help us turn idea’s into reality!


Join the discussion and let’s get innovating.


Powered together with Mathesia the projects portal is where you can directly view and apply to propose a solution to our ongoing challenges. If you have a solution you can join the Mathesia platform and particapte in each competition challenge to provide real innovation to GLOBSTAR.


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