Project details


Published by: MATHESIA

Status: DRAFT


Application domain: Information Technology

Budget (EUR): UP TO 15000

Project description

This Project is for demonstration purpose only.
It is made available for all Brainies to test the platform functionality.

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture. It is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.
The hydroponics uses a system in which the water, enriched through fertilizers and other chemical elements, is the only useful resource for the growth of the plant.

The hydroponic culture allows to cultivate different types of plants year round, overcoming the seasonality constraint.
There are several advantages in using this kind of technique, for example:
1) less water waste (compared to traditional techniques, it is possible to save about 80% of water),
2) higher productivity of the plants,
3) optimal nourishment of the plants.

To build an effective hydroponic system, it is necessary to monitor and control the following environmental variables:
1) air humidity,
2) air temperature,
3) water temperature,
4) brightness,
5) water PH gradation,
6) water EC (Electric Conductivity).

This project is part of the development of a new product that allows the cultivation in closed environments (e.g.: homes, offices) through the technique of hydroponics. This product will give everyone the possibility to cultivate their own domestic garden to guarantee fresh agricultural products during the whole year.

To minimize the maintenance requests, it should be designed an automatic system that controls and monitors the main variables that influence the plants growth.

The system description is available at the following link:

Project goal

The goal of the project is the development of an Arduino platform able to misure the state of all main variables that caracterize the artificial “ecosystem”.
The control system should detect variables with anomalous values and activate some procedures to bring them back into the right values.

Technical Requirements:

A) Design a circuit for Arduino to:

1) measure water Ph gradation,
2) measure water EC (Electric Conductivity),
3) measure water temperature,
4) measure air temperature,
5) measure air humidity,
6) measure the amount of light received by the plant,
7) show the parameters in a display,
8) control the artificial light.

B) Design a device that could be integrated with the Arduino circuit to:

1) correct the water Ph gradation using two small tanks containing Ph+/Ph- that release the right quantity to bring back the water Ph at the correct value,
2) release fertilizer into the water to modify the EC.

C) Programming Arduino to:

1) monitor the principal environmental variables,
2) send, in case of wrong values, an error message to the display with a brief problem description,
3) turn on and off the artificial light to ensure that the plants absorb the right amount of light.